Medical Electronics Engineering Department

Medical electronics engineering is as old as medical implements but the recent advancement from simple implements/equipment (stethoscope, pulse meter, glucometer) to a more advance and sophisticated equipment (ultrasound, hematology analyzer, PCR machines) demands the presence of a company trained expert for maintenance and services and also to train the end users on the basics of daily and monthly maintenance of those equipment. A medical equipment sales company without a medical engineer does not only constitute a setback and enough trouble to the company but puts the economy and success of its clients /customers in jeopardy.

In Spectrum Biomedicals, we have a state of the art medical electronic engineering department. Our engineers have good knowledge of the technicality of all instruments we sale. They attend up to date training courses with our parent company. Our good relationship with all companies we represent enables them send us machine spare parts as requested and timely. Our engineers are always in constant online updates with our parent company engineers. Our engineers (both soft & hard-wares) visit our clients (School/Hospital/Laboratory using any of our product) once in a year for yearly servicing and maintenance.

We respond to our clients within 48 hours of receiving a malfunction report for those within the country and 7days outside the countries within our coverage. This and other unique services makes our customers look at our equipment with a smile.

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