company profile  

Founded in 2nd February 2010, Spectrum Biomedical Services Ltd also known as Spectrum Medicals is a company that operates under the allied company acts of the federal republic of Nigeria, fully registered by the cooperate affairs commission of Nigeria with RC no 886381.

The company is licensed to operate as a private medical laboratory by the council of Medical Laboratory Scientist of Nigeria (PML 2260). Hence operates as a medical diagnostic laboratory.

Its operation as stipulated by the cooperate affairs commission of Nigeria encompasses; Medical and Biomedical Research Service, Importation and Sales of medical and biomedical equipment, Importation of medical and biomedical research reagents and kit, Environmental and Geological research services.

However, in carrying out its services and to maintain an appreciable degree of standard and accuracy of world recognition, the company allies with number of foreign cooperate bodies of complementary discipline. Hence are representative of companies like Fortress Diagnostics UK, DNA Technology Russia, etc by an agreement.

In furtherance of its services, it also cooperates with the following companies; Randox Laboratories USA, Diagnostic Automation USA, DRG Germany, Awareness Technology USA, Cusabio China, Emperor China, Sunostic Diagnostics China, Audicom China, Medlife China, Prokop China, Unit Medicals Boson.

Spectrum Biomedical Services Ltd offers the following services;

  • Medical diagnostic
  • Medical and Biomedical Research services
  • Environmental Research Services
  • Sales services
  • Installation and Training services
  • Biomedical Engineering service